Unmatched National Operations


GRITIT gritting operations run the length and breadth of the country; we cover Land's End to John O'Groats.


Regional Centres

GRITIT has five regional depots: Scotland, North England, Midlands, London & Southeast England and Southwest England.

Each of these hold the GRITIT gritting and snow clearance fleet for the area which can number 100s of snowploughs and 4x4s in the areas where our services are more highly sought after.

Gritting Scotland Local GRITIT Team 

Our regional depots coordinate all our operations and this is where the operations experts who come and visit you for your free site survey are based.

During the winter, our depots are open 24/7, ready to come and grit at a moment's notice, or to grit according to your automated gritting plan that you have purchased.


On a daily basis: the weather notifications tell us when and where your activation temperature is reached, and we do the rest out for you: schedule the apparatus and manpower, report when we are at site, report when the job is done


  Benefits of a national supplier

  • We can get to you quickly during weather events
  • Easy to schedule face to face meetings with our regional operations directors
  • Ability to buy in bulk which gives us specialised class-leading BOSS equipment from Canada

  • Local knowledge about local weather conditions and roads
  • Sufficient manpower and equipment ramp up and down to cover extreme weather events
  • We never run out of salt because we have our own stockpile!