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Pothole repair process


We have developed our own process for an effective and permanent pothole repair solution. Utilising proven infrared technologies our repair teams are able to provide effective pothole maintenance with very little disruption to your property. Here's a step-by-step approach of what you can expect from the team.

STEP 1: Speak to the team and arrange a FREE 'Pothole Report' for your propertyWe will arrange to inspect your property identifying all the problem areas. Issues will be GPS logged and photographed and returned to you with a comprehensive 'Pothole Report'. NOTE: Our experienced team will also be able to offer free advice on any potential future problem areas and how these can be avoided or at least mitigated.  


STEP 2: On the agreed date a RENOO infrared repair team will arrive on site meet with your on-site representative if requiredDon't worry - if no one is available to attend site, our experienced operators will be able to work independently and follow any site specific instructions or rules that may be in force.The team will identify the agreed potholes requiring repair using the GPS co-ordinates logged during the survey, mark up and plan the days activity ensuring the least disruption as possible. 


STEP 3: A safe working environment established, the immediate area within and around the pothole is swept clean removing any foreign bodies that would contaminate the repair material. The team will again confirm correct location, re-log co-ordinates and photograph area prior to commencing the pothole repair. 


STEP 4: Infrared heat is applied over the pothole and the temperature of the repair area raised to the correct working level using care to ensure that we do not overheat and damage the existing tarmac surface. The area of repair is then reworked and specially formulated infrared pothole repair rejuvenator is added which returns the existing material to it's freshly laid state.  



STEP 5: Additional hot tarmac is then added to the repair and combined with the existing hot/rejuvenated material. Area of repair is then thoroughly compacted to form a solid and complete heat fused Infrared repair. 


STEP 6: All completed pothole repairs are then  photographed and added to the job completion report. Area is re-swept and in less than an hour of commencement handed back and open for use. 


FINALLY: You will receive a copy of the completion report for your records.  It really is that simple, if you have more questions or would like more information please check out of FAQ page or get a quote... 



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