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Snow Plough

Straight Blade Snow Plough


The Boss Sport Duty Snow Plough range has been specifically designed to fit UK vehicles.

The extra-rigid moldboard and trip-edge technology ensure that only the cutting edge trips when you hit an obstacle, so you won’t lose the load you’re pushing.

Trip-Edge Snowplows feature four adjustable trip return springs, so you can customize the trip spring tension for the job at hand. Available in steel and stainless steel for both pickup truck and skid steer applications, BOSS Trip-Edge Snowplows are built to BACK YOU UP.


When winter is at its worst, the job calls for more than muscle, which is why BOSS engineers smart, tough, innovative solutions to make snow and ice removal fast, easy and efficient. With a variety of tripping technologies and features to make your job more productive, BOSS has what today’s professionals need to take on winter and RESTORE ORDER.

Everything we do at BOSS comes back to one goal: giving snow and ice removal professionals everything they need to RESTORE ORDER when winter weather brings chaos. That’s why we never stop pushing our designs, engineering and innovations to help make your job easier and more productive. Because at BOSS, our promise is that we will always be there to BACK YOU UP. 


When you want to complete a job in one pass add a plough blade on the front of the 4x4, UTV and trucks and a BOSS salt spreader on the rear. Ask us for advice on the best combination for your job.


See Boss Snow Plough in action.. 



















HTX Straight Blade Ploughs 


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