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Potholes Explained?

Posted by Johan J. Ingles-Le Nobel on 17/05/16 18:37

The first in a series of pothole related how-to videos from Renoo.co.uk. Potholes and their causes explained.

Steve Webb from Renoo.co.uk dispelling the myth about how potholes are formed. 

In this series we are also covering:

  • Causes of potholes
  • How to identify early stage potholes
  • How to prevent potholes forming
  • Further methods for potholes repair
  • How to save money when it comes to potholes
  • How to create a long lasting pothole repair. 


Watch the video here..... 






Planned maintenance is the only way forward, both to protect budgets in the long term and ensure that our roads are kept to high standards that we rightly should expect.


Renoo.co.uk are a national one-stop, pothole repair shop and specialise in providing long-lasting, cost-effective solutions to pothole damage.


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