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We provide cost effective, long-lasting pothole repair solutions. 

We have been developing our own infra-red tarmac repair process since 2009 and have conducted numerous trials using various types of equipment and techniques.



Our compact mobile units provide cost effective solutions that remove the need for ongoing and unnecessary repairs - which are noisy, wasteful and not environmentally friendly, while maintaining minimal disruption as seamless repaired areas are returned to use almost immediately after repair. 



Our guaranteed repairs combine the latest technology with tried and tested processes to offer the best possible infrared pothole repair solution available on the market today. We offer an accomplished and enduring repair to extend the life of your road surfaces.



RENOO is a part of the GRITIT Group of Companies. GRITIT is a market leading, national service provider of outdoor maintenance services and leading winter gritting, snow clearance, grounds maintenance services and works predominantly with organisations who put business continuity, public safety and risk management high on their agenda.