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Pothole Maintenance: How to Save by Spending More

Posted by Johan J. Ingles-Le Nobel on 17/06/16 14:52

Pothole Maintenace - Potholes have become a hot topic for debate in the UK and can be a very emotive subject.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s one that’s plaguing your driveway, business car park or your residential street, their mere presence can get people very fired up and frustrated.

Plus with the extreme weather we now seem to be getting in the UK more regularly, the appearance of potholes only seems set to increase.

However, there is still plenty you can do to keep the hassle and costs down. At Renoo, we offer a high-tech solution for tackling those pesky holes that can damage your car suspension and tires or even cause personal injury. But besides bestowing the virtues of our services and solutions, we actually want to educate people on the benefits of getting a handle on these issues early.

Act Quickly

If you have spotted any damage to the tarmac surface on your premises, or even in your street, it’s important to report it quickly to the local council or fix it yourself if you’re the property owner. The sooner you identify it, the sooner it can be fixed. Even the smallest of problems will inevitably grow over time. 

If you happen to be the property owner, definitely don’t put off dealing with it till later. Although car park maintenance may come way down the pecking order in terms of overall property maintenance, it shouldn’t. An untreated and unrepaired pothole is definitely not going to go away and with continued exposure to the elements and traffic flow, it’s only going to get bigger and deeper, causing more surface damage. As a result, the job and cost of repairing this initial pothole will become a much more sizable and expensive job to undertake. Whereas catching the problem early and acting right away on repairing it can save you a considerable amount of money in the long run.


If you don't fix this!


You will end up having to repair this! 


The Bigger Picture

Beyond the initial savings made by tackling repairs early in terms of costs, you also need to look at the bigger picture and the effects that unrepaired surfaces can have on your business and day to day activities. With a problem that will grow in size you’ll find it will need far more expensive repairs in the future that could result in site closures, impeded walkways and general disruption, and in turn be costly to you as a business or property owner. However, if you undertake the repair of any crack or depression when it first appears, these inconveniences and unnecessary costs can be avoided.

Furthermore as with any poorly maintained area, you have to realise the hidden costs and implications it has on health and safety. With any large hazard you’re putting yourself and visitors at a higher risk of injury from slips and trips or causing damage to vehicles. As the property owner/tenant, it is your responsibility to undertake all site maintenance and ensure all health and safety issues are addressed. Thus by repairing any issue when initially discovered you can reduce the risks, and the chances of any potential personal injury claims in the future.


The crux of all this, is that spending a little more in the initial stages will certainly pay off further down the line. Particularly if you seek the professional and the most effective solutions to deliver long-lasting repairs rather than a cheap, quick fix.

Renoo.co.uk are a national provider of permanent infrared pothole repairs.         


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