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FM Show - Think Winter & Reliable Winter Gritting and Snow Clearance

June 15, 2018
Keeping business operational for winter 2018/19 will be in many FM Show Visitor minds on 19-21 June - no surprise then that we will be demonstrating the service reliability of GRITIT's Winter Gritting and Snow Clearance!



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Promoting GRITIT Winter Services in the heat during another warm June for the Facilities Show 2018 can be a tough gig.

But the effects of our extreme winter will still be impressed on the minds of many managers attending the show.

Facilities Managers will want to be absolutely sure that their operations are protected from as much disruption from cold and snow as is humanly possible.

While the winter will be remembered for the four extreme snow events, the full effects were felt right the way across the country and these were relentless.

Evidence of persistent cold temperatures is the fact that we were gritting on almost every night of the entire winter season - that’s 157 nights when GRITIT was servicing somewhere in the UK, where the temperatures were forecast to fall to zero or below!

Good Quality Winter Services 


Show visitors will be most interested in sourcing good quality reliable winter services that ensure their operations remain open, whatever the coming winter brings.

With the GRITIT winter gritting service, every customer has their own account manager as their single point of contact, so when you meet us on stand R620 they can talk to you about what you need for your operation.

We’ll show you how we were able to deliver hundreds of thousands of jobs nationwide last winter, with 99.8% of our gritting service delivered on time and incident free.

 Tackling Winter’s knock-on effects on Grounds Maintenance and Tarmac

 The prolonged winter season has had big repercussions for grounds maintenance and tarmac repairs on private roads and car parks. The wet days and high levels of sunlight and warmth have accelerated the growth of plants, shrubs, trees and grass - which have all rapidly caught up with late start to the season. 

  • We share the same high levels of reliability, visibility and support for our grounds maintenance service as our Winter services. Our smart technology provides important regular reporting data and proof of service which is necessary for effective KPI management

  • Whilst summer is the most intensive period for lawn care and turf management, GM activity should continue right throughout the year. Some of the most beneficial care is carried out in the coldest months to help lawns grow healthily and free of moss during the summer, and this is true for grounds maintenance as a whole: in any given season, the work done in the preceding period is often the GM key to success.

 Antidote to Pothole Problems

 Many organisations responsible for private roads and car parks have probably experienced a double whammy with the extra maintenance costs of dealing with the longer, colder winter and snow and more pothole repairs.

With little extra money available, the danger is a downward spiral of temporary repairs that fail and cause bigger and more costly problems later and increase expose to the risk of accidents and potential liability claims.

A simpler pothole approach is the GRITIT infrared repair technique. Property managers don't have to wait to ’save up’ enough potholes to justify the hassle of ‘small works’ orders and the inconvenience and interruptions to the business while repairs are carried out. We will show how this method of permanent pothole repair:

  • can be done quickly,
  • can be done without noisy cutting equipment
  • leaves used tarmac waste.

This guaranteed technique is also used for preventative repairs of cracks and depressions, making it viable to include minor repairs in the same visit and costs of a full repair.

 Join GRITIT on stand R620 and pick up a special Show Offer -  your first visit is on us!


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