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Great Grounds Maintenance and How First Impressions Count

June 09, 2018

First impressions do count and the condition of your exterior grounds sets the scene for customers, visitors and staff. There are also other valuable and lasting benefits to be gained from quality green spaces.


It’s easy to see why poorly kept grounds can give people a negative impression, with pathways and borders to your premises dotted with weeds, flowerbeds that are overgrown, hedges are unkempt or when grass is untidy. Facilities Managers are vigilant about a smart and welcoming front-line reception area and staff, so maintaining grounds in a pristine condition is equally important for a company’s image.

Horticulturally there is considerably more to Grounds Maintenance than simply cutting the grass! (see our Seasonal Planner for GM Dummies). So it is understandable why some organisations have tried their best to limit the workload by simplifying their grounds. This may on the face of it make the maintenance of their grounds more manageable, but uninteresting or even sterile ‘green deserts’ have been the result with a mass of one or two species of shrubs and grass. Perversely smart but drab environments still come at a cost:  this type of green space can still require frequent and intensive maintenance and can swallow any available budget for making improvements. As a result, many of these landscapes can go unimproved for decades.


Quality green and open spaces are not only a positive in terms of reputation they provide clear evidence of a business’ green credentials.


Today Facilities Managers are tasked with adding value to their business in sustainable ways as well as maintaining assets. Wellbeing of staff is a key area where quality and useful green spaces are proven to improve staff health and wellbeing, reducing stress and improving creativity and cognitive function.

Take a look at our top tips to check how your planned contactor can provide great support and help identify opportunities to make your green space more of an asset than a cost.


Tips for Great Grounds Maintenance and Green Spaces




  • More natural vegetation types and proper ground preparation can give you less intensive management regimes and alternative weed control methods that can reduce maintenance costs.

  • Planning ahead is needed to make effective use of resources at the right times of the season and maintain your grounds to a standard throughout all seasons

  • Take a strategic view towards maximising the life expectancy of your green assets and infrastructure 

  • Grounds Maintenance Specifications that use an end result as a standard lend themselves to variations in weather and site conditions, so you are never over or under serviced
  • Effective KPI management relies on regular and accurate information. Using smart technology we provide you with the important reporting data for proof of service


Procuring the right Commercial Grounds Maintenance contractor and managing quality standards are essential from the outset to ensure Facilities Managers establish the optimum working relationship and achieve added value from their provider.  


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