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On Demand Pothole Repair


When potholes need to repaired quickly and permanently to mitigate risks on your property we can provide a quick same day quote for standard Infrared Repairs.

There is no minimum order for a quantity of tarmac and repairs can typically happen within days of a confirmed order, not weeks. 

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Planned Preventative Maintenance 


Potholes can form quickly, even from the smallest cracks. RENOO Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) monitors sites and treats surfaces, small holes, depressions and cracks proactively, saving on the disruption and higher costs of repairs that inevitably occur when left untreated. 

We first inspect the site to check the condition of the surfaces and the volume and type of traffic. The frequency of regular inspections is set e.g. every two months and an annual budgetary allowance and levels of automatic repair are agreed in advance.

  • Peace of mind that all risks and potential injuries are mitigated
  • Automatic activation of necessary repairs
  • No surprises of costly unplanned expenditure and major repairs
  • Avoids any disruption to the operation of the site
  • Extends the life of your tarmac


Emergency Call Out - Make Safe

Our extensive network of operators is available throughout the UK to provide emergency response 24 hours a day, with a range of temporary repair solutions to make locations safe and operational.

Contact our team for more information on 0800 211 8743.