Infrared Pothole Repair Process 



The area containing the defective tarmac is heated using bespoke infrared equipment.


The repair area is reworked with rejuvenator and new tarmac is added to fill the void left by the old pothole. 


The repair is compacted and sealed, creating a thermally bonded seamless long lasting repair. 

The process produces a permanent environmentally friendly repair, leaving no waste whilst consuming very little energy. All repairs can be returned to use within approximately 15 minutes of the works having been undertaken.


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Why conventional pothole repairs don't work?

Conventional repairs are generally disruptive, labour intensive and are largely prone to failure due the nature of how the repairs are carried out.

During excavation the area around the pothole is saw cut. The cold vertical joint between the new and old asphalt is a point of weakness for the future.

Even with a bituminous seal water eventually permeates and when frozen it expands and starts to break down the asphalt.