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How to repair a pothole?

How to complete a temporary pothole repair.





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Pothole Repair

4 easy steps to complete this repair


Step 1: Clean the area so you can do the repair nice and easy without anything getting in your way.

Step 2: Tac-coat the area.

Tac-coat is a sticky bitumen solution available in aerosol cans form DIY stores. It creates a sticky bond between the temporary tarmac and the existing surface to prevent it from pulling out. You need to get a nice even coverage over the area that you want to apply the temporary tarmac too.

Step 3: Place the temporary tarmac material in the area to be repaired, generally this will come in a plastic bag or tub.

As the tarmac hits the surface it will start to move around as it settles, it’s very much a lose material that will allow you to work it around. The only problem you will get with this material is when it’s very cold. So don’t keep it outside in the garage or out where it’s frosty, it’s best just to get what you need from the store and use it more or less straight away. 
Using the shovel even out the material to fill the area leaving it slightly proud to allow for compaction. But you don’t want to have too much material and any excess should be removed. Once levelled out make sure you have a nice even surface so it compacts flat. Pull in any lose material from the sides and it will be ready for compaction.

Step 4: Fourth and final step compaction, with your lose material in the ground you need to really compact it to ensure it firms up, makes a strong surface and stays in the position where you want it.

Otherwise it’s just going to pull out immediately as soon as someone drives over it and you will have a pothole again.