Agile Gritting Fleet


GRITIT’s nationwide fleet of 4x4s and BOSS gritters and snow ploughs is ideally suited to the premises and needs of many private and public-sector organisations. 

Agile 4x4s deliver our winter gritting services with the least disruption to routine business, the least noise and the least weight and potential damage to surfaces, kerbs and other vehicles.

This is because the combination of vehicle size and equipment offers the best width and height access, manoeuvrability, precision spreading and safety.



HGVs can be dangerous in close confines and the hoppers sit too high for much of our work.

The smaller and lower hoppers on 4x4s allow salt to be distributed safely in car parks and under parked vehicles.

UTV Plough Snow Boss

GRITIT’s nimble 4x4 fleet lends itself to no mess car park gritting – as well as being manouvrable between rows and spreading grit safely at a perfect height, they meet few height restrictions so can tackle upper levels of multi-level car parks and exposed ramps.


Our network of local depots also means there are no great distances to reach our customers, so it’s also very efficient to run this size of 4x4. 

When teamed with the most durable BOSS tailgate salt spreaders, trailers and front mounted snow plough blades, GRITIT’s 4x4s are an efficient way to complete a job in one pass.