Pre Post Visit Reporting


You’re always be up to date with GRITIT’s pre and post visit reports which tell you when gritting operations have taken place.

You will know well in advance on the day that a visit is scheduled and again, early the next morning that we’ve successfully serviced your site and spread salt or cleared snow. We also add a monthly report for convenience.

We do the constant monitoring of forecasts and temperatures throughout the winter season and only tell you when service has automatically been activated for your site when the risk of ice and snow has been triggered.

Anyone you tell us who needs to know in advance will be emailed and likewise for optional post-service reports.


The best way to get a quick simple view of the status of all your planned and completed visits, at any time and from anywhere is through the GRITIT app and portal.

When you manage a portfolio of properties the dashboard is an invaluable tool to control your winter service off site and manage multiple sites.

The app also lets you contact GRITIT on any service issue or enquiry.

Monthly attendance reports summarize all the activity for the previous month for easy management and tracking service levels.

The portal is a great central point of information for both the daily status and historic reports and billing.