Winter Gritting & Grounds Maintenance

Alternative Thinking to Weed Control and Glyphosate

October 27, 2017

The Appeal Committee of the EC Commission has voted for a 5 year renewal of the glyphosate licence on 27 November. This followed a drawn out and delayed approaval process because public concerns persisted over the potential risks - so an awareness of alternative weed control strategies is still relevant

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Mental & Physical Well-Being from Natural Well Planned Spaces

April 25, 2017

Why should FM care about Biophilic Design?

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Chemical Free Weed Control Strategies

April 07, 2017

Until recently, chemical herbicides have been landscape managers’ first choice for weed control in amenity settings such as parks, highways, schools and housing estates. But with mounting concerns over the potential risks posed to humans and the natural environment is it time to rethink our weed control strategies?

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Practical FM April Why Green Spaces Create Happy Workplaces...

April 04, 2017


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PSS Magazine March 2017 Do Green Spaces Create Happy Workplaces...?

March 07, 2017


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