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Frequently asked Questions 


What is Infrared Pothole Repair?

The damaged tarmac needing repair is heated with special equipment so that it becomes soft and molten, and this area is then reworked.

Rejuvenating emulsion is applied to the area and new tarmac is applied to fill all and any voids.

Are repairs permanent?

Yes, correctly installed infrared repairs will restore the damaged area to the condition and useful life of the road surfaces around the repair.

If it is evident that there is surface deterioration in the area concerned, this may well impact the robustness of the repair in time. It will only be as strong as the surface it is fused with.

Is it expensive?

No, infrared repair is much more cost effective than traditional full depth patching methods. Consider the savings in manpower, time, machinery and materials by not having to cut-out, remove, replace, transport and dispose of large quantities of tarmac.