Free App and Site Survey

GRITIT was the first company to invest in dedicated winter gritting technology and our free app provides customers with enhanced visibility of service for all their sites.

Downloadable to mobile, you can view full graphic visuals of the scheduled, completed and historic visits; a complete, instant visual picture of service at any time. 

site surveyHighly convenient for those managing multiple properties and tracking service delivery, the GRITIT app is also a window on daily weather forecasts, historic data, gritting visits and invoicing information by site. You can even get direct contact with GRITIT teams via the app.

GRITIT takes care to understand every customer site and its detailed requirements.

Our free site survey is one reason we have earned our reputation as one of the most reliable UK winter services companies.  Any short-cuts taken before winter begins just come back to trouble you later; any item missed can result in delays or at worst, financial and legal consequences for the customer. 

We are specialists at detecting hazards, assessing risks and determining best practices to meet service commitments. Some of the site survey checks:   


  • all areas to be serviced and priority areas such as fire escapes, disabled parking and access, high footfall areas, main vehicular routes, service areas, steps and slopes, raised pathways
  • drainage and run-offs, areas appropriate for piled snow


  • height and width restrictions, potential hazards - anything that may not be easy to see in poor light or when covered with snow
  • landscaped areas to be protected against salt