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GRITIT, The Pothole & Tarmac Repair Specialists 

GRITIT specialises in cost effective, long-lasting pothole repair and Tarmac repair solutions.  

The GRITIT Pothole Approach

The GRITIT approach is unique and offers a solution to the age old problem of potholes simply reappearing after being fixed using older methods. 

By using advanced infrared technology, which fuses old and new surfaces (no cutting and no cold joints), we can create a long lasting, seamless repair which will avoid expensive and unnecessary replacement costs.

Infrared Pothole Repair Technology

Using the latest infrared pothole repair technology, combined with tried and tested processes, we offer an accomplished and enduring repair to extend the life of your tarmac surfaces.

With no disruption and no waste this method makes immediate repairs and preventative maintenance a viable practice.

Your GRITIT Pothole Guarantee

Tackling and proactively significantly reduces your risk of claims as a result of damage or accidents caused by delaying the pothole repair as well as mitigating unnecessary ongoing maintenance costs. 

We are fully operational every day of the year to support you and have teams covering all regions throughout the UK

We have all the accreditations and insurances necessary to ensure that you benefit from first class repairs, backed by guaranteed workmanship.

Fix that Pothole Today!

Unfortunately, any potholes that you may have from 2017's harsh winter will only grow, and will become a much more expensive resurfacing job as the Winter comes around and another season's ice and snow work their wicked ways.

GRITIT's advice: get it done now rather than face a bigger problem later in the year!











“From start to finish, I’ve found the service to be of the highest quality. The process has been made client friendly, with no unnecessary time wasted between initial assessment and finished product – which is also of the highest quality! The staff are very customer focused, courteous, and helpful. Great to work with!”  

Nigel Lloyd, Head of Operational Estates, Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust



  • Long-lasting pothole repairs
  • Guaranteed workmanship
  • Minimum disruption
  • Area quickly back in use
  • Nationwide dedicated teams
  • Operational 24/7



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