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Winter Preparation at GRITIT

July 20, 2018

What do Winter Gritting and Snow Clearance companies do in the summer? 
These snaps of some of the GRITIT regional operations teams answer that question!

GRITIT's Summer Maintenance For Winter

has a full 18-week Summer plan of maintenance and preparation for Winter which ensures that all the apparatus we use will be completely ready for action and reliable throughout the whole of the coming winter season.

So during the Summer, whilst the grounds maintenance teams are making grounds beautiful around the country:

GRITIT Grounds Maintenance

... straight after the season ends, the Winter teams are cleaning and tidying GRITIT's regional yards.

Putting the salt in the right place and covering the salt mounds to ensure that it is all nice and ready for the upcoming winter:

  GRITIT Yard Clean

  GRITIT Marine Salt Store


Dismantling and cleaning the snow ploughs and mechanical and manual salt spreaders:

GRITIT winter servicing

Gritting equipment summer maintenance


All ready for washing and waxing of paintwork and undercarriages:

GRITIT fleet preparation



Full steam ahead now with all the stripping, testing, greasing, assembly.!

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