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How To Win With Our Successful Winter Gritting Delivery Teams

August 17, 2020

Nobody ever won the Premier League without a large squad, including a great first team full of talented players and exceptional leadership, both off and on the field. It’s your strength in depth that matters, and this is as true for a premiership football team as it is for facility service providers.


Award Winning Winter Gritting from GRITIT

Traditionally, facility management service providers hire in subcontractors for all those one-off jobs that don’t quite fit the bill.

One Mission


At GRITIT, we believe in being close to our clients - a vested partnership with a detailed plan, dedicated resource, regular scheduled updates on progress and objectives for all our operators and project teams.

Your mission is our mission. Your Values, Our Values


Why Outsource your Winter Gritting 


In facilities services, an example of subcontractor outsourcing might be the use of your Winter Gritting or Grounds Maintenance company for bollard, potholes or fencing repair.

The problem is, your grounds company is what it says on the tin - a grounds company: hopefully fantastic at grounds, but perhaps not so fantastic at the other services. So, they need to subcontract those in.

In fact, a service provider hiring in another middleman can leave you exposed to all sorts of problems.

With our 99.95% service provision record and long working relationships with facility management companies, GRITIT has a proven track record, largely due to us pulling from our own squad.


Reliability is essential to the success


Reliability is essential to the success of your facility, and when your players are not all up to par, it becomes frustrating and time-consuming, and can bring your work schedule grinding to a halt.

Manpower shortages and schedule bottlenecks are the most common problems, but subcontractors taking on more work than they can handle is also a common factor.

Lastly, an issue everyone is familiar with, distorted messaging as tasks are passed between suppliers.

When the manager calls on the team to “trim those shrubs”, you don’t expect your loan player to hack the shrubs back to the root.


Your Eyes and Ears


All of the GRITIT squad uses the same software to work with, acting as your ‘eyes and ears’ on site, to take pictures of issues that we spot.

We can send them on to you and they can be actioned by you as timely as possible, ahead of your client, giving you the edge in client customer satisfaction.

This technology makes you a reliable, trusted & dependable facility management company.

Middlemen all need their cut, and when a double set of middlemen each puts its own margin on services, then you, the facility manager, will invariably be charged more or otherwise the quality is compromised.

There is no way around this, which is why you’ll find that these extra ad-hoc jobs always seem to cost a little bit more than you expected. Sound familiar?


For you to excel with your clients, your contractor cannot possibly be anything other than the most solid of partners, as your own brand and reputation can be badly impacted by a bad loan player.


At critical times - such as using a grounds company for clearing away snow during severe winter weather - this can result in catastrophes, ie when you need the job done safely by 8 am so that the office is safe to open.

Being let down at 5am when a snowstorm hits does not leave many options open for finding an alternative.


Choose a service provider that has the strength in depth to deliver. Choose GRITIT.


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