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Snow Removal Through The Ages

July 22, 2019

Modern technology and equipment has given us a tremendous ability to deal with snow removal, but this hasn't always been the case. Whilst there are no specific records of apparatus and methods used to control snow and ice in the middle ages, snow, ice and temperature were much larger problems yesterday than they are today.

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Mild January Comes To An End

January 16, 2019

After the mild start to this year, a blast of Arctic air with northerly winds is likely to bring colder temperatures to the British Isles for the second half of January, reports the GRITIT weather desk.

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Winter Storms Coming: Sudden Stratospheric Warming Event Confirmed

January 08, 2019

A sudden stratospheric warming (SSW) of the atmosphere refers to a quick jump in temperatures up high in our stratosphere, which usually leads to a bitterly cold snap and winter storms. At the time of writing, a major sudden stratospheric warming event is currently underway, and at GRITIT we're prepared for a significant cold snap in the second half of January.

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Longest Night is Business As Usual for Winter Gritting

December 21, 2018

Longer or shorter daylight hours makes very little difference when your Winter Gritting Teams are at work when most are asleep, acting as night time ninjas to ensure that businesses keep running and people are safe

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How To Keep Your Car Parks, Footpaths and Access Roads Clear and Safe This Winter

December 18, 2018

Whether a public car park, a shopping centre or a place of work, all paths, steps and roads need to be safe and accessible at all times, especially when footfall is high during periods of icy weather and heavy snow.

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