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Longest Night is Business As Usual for Winter Gritting

December 21, 2018

Longer or shorter daylight hours makes very little difference when your Winter Gritting Teams are at work when most are asleep, acting as night time ninjas to ensure that businesses keep running and people are safe

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Effective FM Tendering For The Best of All Worlds

December 20, 2018

Price, performance and value - how effective tendering can give you the best of all worlds, especially when seeking quality grounds maintenance and winter maintenance. GRITIT's guidance in the latest 'Government Public Sector Journal'. 

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Alfresco Asset Management in Winter

December 14, 2018

Outdoor surfaces take a beating with heavy rains, ice and come the new year, probably snow - what are the top actions to minimise the impact of winter weather on our outdoor assets of roads, pathways and grounds?

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The Nature of Resilience of the Poppy in our Parks and Grounds

November 12, 2018

The decline, rise and maintenance of the resilient common poppy on verges and grounds across the UK.

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Glyphosate - the Abridged Roundup Story and Latest Reactions

August 29, 2018

Behind the headlines of the US court case and Monsanto’s appeal is quite a complex set of events. We have prepared a speedy timeline of these main events leading to the trial against Monsanto and Roundup (with the active ingredient Glyphosate).  A cross section of reactions to the verdict, plus political and scientific developments since the licence was granted in November 2017, brings you fully up to date. 

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