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The Gritting Lorry

August 17, 2018
Slowly trundling along the road with their lights flashing, gritting lorries are usually one of the first signs that Winter is well and truly underway.

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In fact, there is a very good reason the gritting lorries are often the first sign that the weather is about to turn, because a lot of what they do is in advance of the snow and ice, rather than after they have already appeared.


How Do Gritting Lorries Work?

The gritting lorries that you see on Britain's roads work by dropping rock salt on the roads before snow can fall.

Rock salt lowers the freezing temperature of water which means that it helps stop the snow and ice from sticking to the road.

Gritters also creates a gritty surface for vehicles to drive over, giving them more traction on the road and preventing accidents caused by slippery ice.

Gritting is a slow business, and can cause delays to traffic. This is why gritters usually work at night or in the morning, just before there is due to be snowfall. While you might not see gritters on the roads yourself when the snow starts to fall, that doesn't mean they haven't been.

In fact, the gritting lorries were probably working all night just to make sure the roads are safe for you to drive on!

Ice and snow are not just dealt with by councils, of course. While there is a lot of work to be done making public roads and pavements safe, there is just as much need for gritters to work on private property, with businesses such as supermarkets, retail parks and other frequently-visited areas also looking to prevent accidents on their property, using companies such as GRITIT.


How To Become A Gritting Lorry Driver

So just who are these gritting lorry drivers, and how can you become one?

One thing to bear in mind is that being a gritting lorry driver is not a year-round profession.

Gritting lorry drivers tend to do other professional driving jobs in warmer weather.

It's often the case that gritter lorry operators who work for councils, for example, might work on the motorways or as bin lorry drivers the rest of the year, only turning to gritting when the winter shifts need to be filled.

AT GRITIT, many of our gritting lorry drivers will do gritting between November and April and usually work on our grounds maintenance teams during the rest of the year.

We're always interested in expanding our team of drivers, so if gritting sounds like your cup of tea, head over to out jobs section and leave us your details!

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