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Why Did Storm Filomena Cause Widespread Disruption?

January 14, 2021

The cold temperatures (down to -8C) and heavy snow (up to 50cm) that recently fell on parts of Spain as a result of Storm Filomena, made many of us remember the experiences of 2018, when the "Beast from the East" reached the UK and caused widespread disruption.

Watching the unprecedented Spanish scenes of snow-buried streets and people skiing through the centre of Madrid, we ask ourselves why Storm Filomena caused so much disruption to central and northern parts of Spain.

gritit storm filomena

Winter gritting in Spain

  • Large snowstorms and temperatures well below freezing are rare occurrences in Spain. As a result, less investment (when compared to other European countries) is allocated to winter gritting, snow clearing and salt stores.


  • Fewer workers are trained on how to clear snow and ice effectively, often using tools that are designed for general gardening tasks, rather than snow clearing and winter gritting duties.


  • Spain uses similar weather forecasting technology to that of other countries, but being able to correctly interpret and predict winter specific information of this nature might have caused delays in deploying resources correctly.


  • Spain holds much less salt in stores than that of the UK, and salt stored in different regions may not have been available for immediate relocation ahead of Storm Filomena.

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As the Winter Gritting and Snow Clearing specialists, we know first-hand what it is like to work under tough winter conditions. We respect the efforts our Spanish counterparts have had to battle through, especially during these challenging times.


GRITIT is your trusted Winter Services provider


At GRITIT, we are fully prepared to take on the worst winter weather and guarantee never to compromise on our winter services. Our winter preparation and robust planning means we will keep you operational, even if a rouge winter storm hits the country.   


  • We use the latest and most accurate weather forecasting tools from MetDesk. Our forecasting is the best in the industry and is 97.8% accurate. This accuracy ensures we are always one step ahead and can mobilise our operatives and resources ahead of time.

  • We pride ourselves on having the most competent, professional and helpful workforce. GRITIT operates the only LANTRA accredited Winter Gritting and Snow Clearance Training in the industry with all staff receiving pre-contract induction and on-going training. Our fully trained staff ensures we can keep your sites safe, compliant and operational, even during the harshest of winters.


  • We guarantee to never run out of winter gritting salt. Our winter operators have access to over 200 GRITIT salt stores, strategically located across the country and we use sustainable white marine salt as our de-icing agent.
  • The safety of your staff, customers and sites is our number one priority. At GRITIT we never cut any corners, which is one reason why we achieve 99.9% customer satisfaction levels.


We continually listen and strive to improve the services we provide. We deliver complete supply chain visibility and our people and processes are COVID compliant.

If you’ve yet to arrange your Winter Gritting or Snow Clearing Services, contact us today for a free quote and site survey.

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