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Planning Your Winter Gritting Campaign Early

September 25, 2020

Its late September and the weather is decidedly colder today, its time to start preparations for Winter Gritting.

Do your Winter Gritting check now

It's always a sensible thing to talk to whoever does your Winter Gritting, and let them know what's needed earlier rather than later.

This gives you an opportunity to probe them about summer maintenance on their gritting fleet, have they ordered the salt supplies they'll need and can they be sure that they have enough boots on the ground to cover your place throughout the season.

Take advantage of the late summer specialist gritting assessments on your premise to spot potential hazards during the winter, so they're earmarked for extra attention (ie water runoffs that freeze etc).


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also don't forget... 

Fix your potholes now


You definitely want to get these seen to before the winter, as winter only ever makes potholes and tarmac worse (freezing water expands and exacerbates pothole problems). Point blank, the main hazards during winter occur between the company car park and the front door - and in particular slips and falls in between.


Slips, falls and tyre blowouts from tarmac issues and potholes in your car park are very easy to remove from the equation before the summer with a straightforward tarmac repair job in the late summer.


Winter Gritting Pothole Damage














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