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GRITIT Operatives On The Ball For Some Proper Winter Weather

January 29, 2020

With the British Isles lulled into a false sense of security during a hitherto mild winter, GRITIT preparation behind the scenes is reaping rich rewards for 24/7 safety first businesses that must remain open, regardless of the snow, frost, rain or wind, and with a colder February and March in the offing, you can expect to see more of our crews out and about in freezing conditions at unsociable hours whilst the rest of the nation is very sensibly asleep in a toasty warm bed.

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Frosty Winter Beauty Masks Hidden Risks, Warns GRITIT

January 21, 2020

After a couple of months of unseasonably mild weather, Winter has finally made an appearance across the British Isles, with stormy, wet westerlies giving way to chilly northerlies, frosty mornings and picturesque landscapes. Yet, behind the facade of all this Winter beauty, as the nation's commuters discovered this morning, this also means black ice when driving, and slip, fall and trip hazards in ungritted company car parks and footpaths, a hidden risk that your employees can do without and that could put your company in tricky legal waters if it has not fulfilled its duty of care.

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New Year, Old Weather

January 02, 2020

Despite apocalyptic warnings of the coldest ever December issued by the Daily Mirror, December turned out to be a mild month in the UK and the new year has started off in much the same fashion. In fact, the Highlands of Scotland, a place associated with some of the coldest temperatures across the UK in wintertime, recorded a new record high of of 18.7C on 28 December at Achfary, warmer than most of Europe!

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Snow In The North - GRITIT™ Forecasters Predict Election Day Will Be Wet And Windy For Most

December 11, 2019

With approximately 47 million Britons popping out to a polling station tomorrow in the 2019 General Election, GRITIT™ has taken a look at the weather forecast provided by MetDesk to see whether we need to take our snowboots or umbrellas, and whether winter weather is likely to be a major factor in the result.

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How MetDesk Issues GRITIT's Winter Forecasts With Pinpoint Accuracy

December 03, 2019

With over 100 years of operational winter maintenance forecasting experience and an unrivaled knowledge of the how atmospheric processes and the radiation balance affect surface temperatures and surface conditions, GRITIT's weather forecasters MetDesk have moved road surface forecasting on to a new level of accuracy and the fruits of this are visible in the pinpoint accuracy that the unique 9km road forecasting provides.

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