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Planning Your Winter Gritting Campaign Early

September 25, 2020

Its late September and the weather is decidedly colder today, its time to start preparations for Winter Gritting.

Do your Winter Gritting check now

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Which is the best Winter Gritting Salt for you?

September 18, 2020

We often get asked about the different types of commonly used de-icing winter salt. Winter salt primarily comes in two varieties - white salt and brown salt. At GRITIT we primarily use white salt as our main de-icing agent, due to white salt being slightly more effective, cleaner to use and more environmentally friendly than brown salt.

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The Facts You Never Knew About Summer Surface Gritting

August 17, 2020

As the mercury rises this summer, you wouldn't be the only one surprised to see winter gritters out on the roads, and wonder what on earth is going on.

In fact, summer surface gritting is more common than you might think - they're busy spreading grit over very hot tarmac, as this keeps roads safe and stops the tarmac melting in summer!

Road Tarmac Melts!

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How To Win With Our Successful Winter Gritting Delivery Teams

August 17, 2020

Nobody ever won the Premier League without a large squad, including a great first team full of talented players and exceptional leadership, both off and on the field. It’s your strength in depth that matters, and this is as true for a premiership football team as it is for facility service providers.


Traditionally, facility management service providers hire in subcontractors for all those one-off jobs that don’t quite fit the bill.

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Our Award Winning Technology Puts You On The Winning Team

August 11, 2020

Just as Hawk Eye Hotspot technology revolutionised cricket refereeing, our near 100% ( 99.95%) service  delivery record is achieved through innovative technologies.

Best of all, this disruptive award-winning technology is a tool that’s right there in your hands - for you to use as well.

Successful Winter Gritting involves a phenomenally tight delivery window, usually six hours or less, to deliver thousands of jobs nationally across the UK all to individual specification up against the elements and in the middle of the worst weather that winter throws at us...... Our tech makes it all happen.


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