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How to Get 24-hour Peace of Mind this Winter with GRITIT

July 24, 2018

Winter_gritting_peace_of_mindAhead of the coming winter season, what does it take to get total peace of mind for reliable Winter Gritting and Snow Clearance?


Total Peace of Mind 


What should the first experience of your winter gritting service look like?   
The Facilities Manager and site contacts are given advance notice that a gritting service is scheduled for that night and they all feel confident that the temperatures will be dropping to freezing on their site and GRITIT will be there to spread salt before any ice can forms. The next morning everyone finds life has gone on outside the building as normal, pedestrians and vehicles going freely and safely about their business, with little evidence of the over-night sub-zero temperatures, apart from a post-service notification from GRITIT.

In this ideal picture the delivery of winter services and its after affects appear virtually invisible to the customer. However, before customers are perfectly happy about this, they need the reassurance of highly reliable and transparent Winter Gritting and Snow Clearance services.  Here are some of the ways GRITIT works to build that trust.   


BEFORE Winter Temperatures Drop 

GRITIT agrees a ‘trigger temperature’ for every site in advance. The trigger temperature is of the road surface as this is the best indicator, rather than air temperatures.  This trigger is usually 0°C, the freezing point of water (higher temperature activations can be used when greater protection is vital to the organisation).

Real-time accurate weather forecasting tools remove any guesswork or human error. We use MetDesk, a leading global private weather company that specialises in industry and detailed location specific forecast models. When the forecast for a customer site hits the trigger temperature we will automatically schedule a visit for that night and at lunchtime automatically notify all the designated contacts.

Each site is unique so before the season begins we also carry out detailed site surveys and specifications. Only when we go to site can you identify hazardous areas and specific gritting instructions for different areas and understand security arrangements. Not content with this preparation GRITIT also carry out a nationwide ‘Dry Run’ day on all existing and new sites before the season starts.

DURING Service 

Customers will have gone home on that that day safe in the knowledge their gritting service is organised and everyone who needs to know, knows. The customer portal and Mobile app can be used to check which service visits scheduled for the customer and the Operations Help Desk is also on hand 24 hrs/day.  All service visits are tracked, recorded and documented for operational and liability purposes.

The timing of the service visit gives maximum protection for as long as possible to customer sites. Temperatures are generally coldest at night and salt is more effective at preventing ice forming than melting it, therefore proactive service is the best way to reduce risk and is carried out before temperatures are forecast to drop to the trigger temperature. We apply spread rates for the most effective concentration of saline content for given areas and site conditions; best practice and precisely calibrated equipment avoids over servicing while meeting obligations for Duty of Care.


Early in the morning confirmation of completed attendance can be seen in the customer portal and then from post-service notifications. If there have been any issues or any other information about the service visit these are also included. Customers can view the history of service visits on the portal and monthly activity in the attendance reports.

GRITIIT’s pro-active gritting, best practices an audit trails means we can successfully demonstrate how you have met you Duty of Care should any accident or claim occur as a result of any alleged failure on our part. Full Liability Protection is also included in every contract and this comprehensive insurance is there to minimise your risk, maintain the organisation’s reputation and reduce hidden costs of managing any claims yourself.


Each customer has a GRITIT Account Manager who is the single ongoing point of contact. They get to know your company and its contacts and advise on the best service options for your business and budget.  The Account Manager ensures you are receiving the best overall service performance and will review your plans and site changes periodically to ensure everything is in place for trouble-free winter service.

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