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How to Book Your Free Pothole Site Inspection

February 19, 2021

Potholes are a common problem in the UK, especially during the winter months. The repeated freezing and warming of temperatures is the ideal weather pattern which helps cause potholes.

Performing regular site inspections will help you identify any potential issues, and by taking action early, you will not only prolong the life of your hard-standing surfaces but save costs on larger repairs later on.

Our advice is simple when it comes to potholes: be proactive, rather than reactive.




Potholes filled with rain water

How to identify the early signs of a pothole

  • Loose material sitting on top of the surface
  • Cracks or “crocodile skin” beginning to appear
  • Depressions or water pooling
  • Small holes due to missing material
  • Breakdown or wearing of joints and/or sealing material.


Why book a free site inspection

You have a duty of care to ensure your sites are safe, compliant and without risks to either workers or visitors. Acting as soon as issues appear will help prevent the problem from developing into a bigger concern over time. A site inspection will allow us to:

  • Inspect the failure and the surrounding area
  • Identify potential issues and highlight concerns
  • Provide expert advice on what has caused the defect and advise on the most suitable course of action.

Contact us today and book your free site inspection.

Why choose GRITIT for your surfacing needs

Our surfacing division are surfacing specialists, who have decades of experience and knowledge. We provide:

  • Wide range of solutions to match your requirements, budgets and expectations
  • Unparalleled experience and service you can rely on
  • Commercially aware to minimise the impact on your day-to-day business
  • Use of high-quality materials to ensure longevity
  • Uncompromising approach to safety
  • Environmentally focused
  • National service delivered with a local touch.


pothole and puddle in road

Pothole repair services to meet your needs

We provide numerous solutions to potholes and can assist you with producing site condition reports and recommendations. In addition to repairs, we also provide a complete resurfacing and refurbishment service.

  • Pothole and minor surface repairs
  • Patch repair (covering a larger area)
  • Full surfacing asphalt works
  • Specialist coatings: waterproofing, aesthetic asphalt and street art services.


As some sites are seeing a reduction in footfall and vehicle traffic, now is an ideal time to review your car park condition and maintenance needs.


GRITIT works with you as a partner, not a supplier, and we continually look to improve the services we provide. We deliver complete supply chain visibility and our people and processes are COVID compliant.

To find out how we can support you or to obtain a free quote or site inspection, please contact us today.

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