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How GRITIT Bosses Snow Clearance  At Night, Every Night

August 20, 2019

When everyone else is very sensibly asleep, GRITIT's professional winter gritting operatives own the night, to make sure your facility is safe and always protected from snow and ice.


The GRITIT winter desk

The GRITIT winter desk works with a bespoke Metdesk road temperature forecasting model that includes highly detailed and location-specific weather forecasts bespoke to our service requirements for over 450 individual weather locations.


It has been tailored specifically to give a clear indication of road level snow and ice risk throughout the country considering location, urbanisation, elevation and the constant push and pull of relevant frontal weather systems surrounding the U.K.

Bossing the night

Like planned gritting, snow clearance is automatically scheduled when snow is forecast to fall between 12:00 noon and 06:00am the following morning.

Snow clearance is scheduled to commence toward the end of a snow event.

Our standard service trigger is 5cm+ of snow forecast but this can be varied on a site bespoke basis to suitt your requirement.

The specialist winter fleet

Mechanical snow clearance is delivered by a specialist and separate fleet to that used for gritting.

We use a beautifully car-park agile fleet of 4x4 pick-up vehicles or JCB-type vehicle fitted with a bucket or scoop for high volume snow clearance, dependent on the volume of snow fall.


Looking after your car park and pedestrian safety

We undertake snow or ice clearance to pedestrian areas (walkways etc) when ice or 2cm+ of snow is present at the time of the gritting visit.

This applies to key pedestrian walkways, to and from car parks, and fire exits. It is typically undertaken manually using a snowplough.

Our professionally qualified winter operators:

1. Check that the pedestrian snowplough is in good working order before use.
2. Assess the site and site plan - ensure all areas in dark blue are cleared of snow and gritted afterwards.
3. Take care when using plough near corner and uneven surfaces as the plough may get snagged.
4. Always remember to push snow away from doors, fire exits or stairs.
5. Clear a safe path from the main entrance to the car park.
6. Ensure all fire exits are cleared weather they are marked in dark blue on the service plan or not.
7. Dresses warmly ensure they wear the correct PPE to be visable to site traffic.

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GRITIT - Britain's leading winter services group

With 100s of regional teams and a service that's able to reach any site in the U.K. within the hour, GRITIT's winter services offers a middle of the night snow and ice service that's impossible to beat. Contact us for more information if your facility would benefit from such a service.





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