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From The Web: Awesome Photos Of Snow Clearance

July 20, 2019

Snow clearance takes many different forms across the world, and there are some phenomenal vehicles and crews in action tackling the hazards of the winter. At GRITIT, we've taken a peek at some of these winter heroes, and we've come across some awesome photos showing the snow clearance operatives in action.

Motorway snow clearance


colorado gritters

In the USA, Colorado Department Of Transport crews often plow in tandem or "gang" plow to pull snow and ice away from areas such as walls and medians where drainage is poor. This helps prevent the freeze/thaw cycle that contributes to ice in the driving lanes. Image credit: CDOT on Flickr

Airport snow clearance


snow clear airports

RAF Brize Norton Snow and Ice Clearance in 2017, using specialist aebi Schmidt Jet sweepers. Schmidt Jet sweepers have a snow plough fitted at the front of the vehicle, whilst the sweeping unit and blowing nozzle are located between the axles. It has a deicer unit at the rear. Image credit: MoD on Flickr

Railway snow clearance



Fitting a train with a snow plough is par for the course in Canada, where they have to content with far bigger snowfalls than the UK. In this picture, CN 393 is waiting for OCS clearance from the CN DS, at milepost 73.1 of St-Lawrence and Atlantic Sherbrooke subdivision with a SD70M-2 duo ready to pull westbound tonnage out of Richmond Yard to Montréal. Image credit: Lorence Toutant on Flickr

Roadside snow clearance

japanese road sprinkler

Japan does things differently: rather than using vehicles to grit or clear the snow away, they have road sprikler systems to melt the snow. This system combines the mechanical action of the water to remove the snow and the above zero temperature of the water to melt the snow. Such a system can only be used where ground temperatures do not regularly drop below zero, otherwise sheet ice formation could result, although a continuous water flow would act as an impediment to this. Image credit: GoddersUK on Wikipedia

Snow clearance through the ages

snow removal bus A bus clearing snow in Manchester in 1940. The winter of 1939-40 was the worst for many years, and with the United Kingdom at war some lateral thinking had to happen to keep the roads clear to enable war workers to get to their factories. So Manchester used a couple of their single decker busses fitted with snow ploughs such as the number 70 pictured. Image credit: Wikipedia


snow removal wagons

A line of horse-drawn wagons clearing snow in New York City, 1908. The basic principles of snow clearance have not changed much over the ages, although clearly different technology is used throughout the world. Image credit: Wikipedia

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