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Where To Download Your Gritter Tracker

December 12, 2018


The GRITIT App always keeps property managers in the know and people and properties safer in winter weather. Don't miss out with this free customer app.


GRITIT App Power

Predicting how the weather will change over the coming hours, days, weeks is a complex challenge when trying to keep property portfolios safe, especially when the property manager must spend significant time away from the office and managing multiple sites in various locations.


It's especially reassuring when you have woken to a very cold morning to know that there are no ice issues with gritting or snow clearance. 'Yes we've had service', 'No, there were no problems'. These are the basics and getting this knowledge instantly is one of the benefits of an App such as GRITIT's, which is free to all our customers for gritting and snow clearance services.

GRITIT supply notifications before and after service for every site and the App is always up-to-date with the customer’s latest information.

GRITIT_Mobile_App_Powerful_DashboardOn one dashboard screen you can quickly see how many sites will be active for service that night (triggered by a forecasted road surface temperature). Early the next morning a quick glance tells you how many jobs were completed, reassured with a green status that all was well. Any alerts of issues are highlighted with a red status.

For busy managers this easy access to a summary status and an instant view of any ‘exceptions’ is all that is needed, especially when a portfolio of sites can be viewed all in one place. This is one reason business apps are getting much more traction than customer portals. With more time being spent away from the desk Apps on mobile devices help managers stay informed and connected wherever they are and at any time of day.

Managers can always go home safe in the knowledge that when service is needed it has been scheduled. On waking they know where they can get the up-to-date status.


Drill Down When You Need it

The real time saver is when you want to drill down for more information and then take action, as its intuitive to quickly get to what you need and communicate with GRITIT:
  • See the full list of sites that are scheduled for service and forecast for each
  • Drill down further for the site detail of the latest completed jobs and notes or issues
  • Check the service history of each site
  • Quickly request additional call out services with a few taps, saving time calling or emailing and identifying sites and stating requirements 




The app can also quickly provide evidence in the event of any injury claims.  All organisations must be able to demonstrate that they have done everything reasonably possible to meet their Duty of Care, and that they have met all health and safety legislation, when it comes to making sites safe for staff, customers and visitors during harsh winter weather.

Download the GRITIT App

GRITIT_mobile_app_iconicAccess to the up-to-date information is made possible as the secure GRITIT App is integrated with our bespoke tech-platform Nimbus, which drives our forecasting, automated operational information and real-time mobile reporting.  

With over 2 million business apps out there we know the winners are those that are interactive, save time and help managers stay informed and urge all customers to try the App for themselves. 

Because our App is seasonal we want to remind everyone to add the App to their mobile device or bring it out of its summer hibernation if you already have it, so you don't miss out this winter season.


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