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Britain’s funniest gritter names just got funnier!

February 12, 2021

Across the country, gritters have been given a whole host of funny, creative and heart-warming names.

We’ve pulled together some of the best and funniest gritter names for 2020/2021 that made us groan, laugh and chuckle.


chris gritty gritter

Funniest London gritter name

TFL has a cycleway specific gritter named ‘Chris Gritty’ which is cleaver and very topical.


Funniest Surrey gritter names

Merry Gritmas!
Gritty Mouse
Gritley Come Dancing
Grit Me Out of Here!
Sir Salt-a-Lot
Thaw, God of Grit
Alfred the Grit
Good Morning Gritain

Father Gritmas
Let it Grit
Hansel and Grittel
Thomas the Grit Engine
Sally McGritter
Salty Minion
Salt-N-Vinegar Grits


winter gritting lorry

Funniest Warwickshire gritter names

Usain Salt
Professor Chris Gritty
Gritta Thunberg
Snowbi-Gone Kenobi
The Mighty Thaw


Funniest Shropshire gritter names

Snowcial Distancing
Spreddie Flintoff
David Plowie
Snow Patrol
Gritty Gritty Bang Bang
Snow Be Gone Kenobi
Gritty McGritface
Spready Mercury
Grit the Road Jack

Ready Salted
Walter the Salter
Captain Tom
Slush the Magic Wagon
True Grit
Gritter Thunberg
Usain Salt
Ice Ice Baby
Gritney Spears
Super Spreader


Snow plough clearing snow

Funniest Scottish gritter names

Scotland has over 230 vehicles that spread salt and plough snow.

Amber Snowy
Arctic Angel
BFG Big Friendly Gritter
Blizzard Bear
Chilly Connolly
Darth Spreader
David Plowie
For Your Ice Only
Gangsta Granny Gritter
Grit A Bit
Grit Expectations
Gritney Spears
Gritter Bug
Grittest Hits
Grittie McVittie
Grittle Mix
Gritty Gonzales
Gritty Gritty Bang Bang
Han Snow-lo
I Want To Break Freeze
Ice Breaker
Ice Destroyer
Ice Queen
Jeremy Brine
Lew-Ice Capaldi
Licence To Chill
Luke Snowalker
Meltin' John
Mr Plow
Mrs Gritter
My Name’5 Doddie

Nitty McGritty
Penelope Gritstop
Plougher O’Scotland
Polar Bear Explorer
Polar Patroller
Ready Spready Go
Sandy The Solway Salter
Scotland’s Bravest Gritter
Sir Andy Flurry
Sir Grits A Lot
Sir Salter Scott
Slippy McGritty
Snow Bother
Snow Destroyer
Snow Dozer
Snow Trooper
Snowbegone Kenobi
Snowkemon Go
Sophie Salt
Spready Mercury
The Golden Great Gritter
The Grittest Snowman
The Incredible Ice Bear
The Snow Buster
The Snow Solution
The Winter Explorer
True Gritter
Yes Sir Ice Can Boogie


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