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Britain's Funniest Gritter Names (2018 Edition)

October 10, 2018

This winter, keep an eye out and you might spot Gangsta Granny Gritter owning the Aberdeen area, David Plowie rocking the snow drifts among the academic spires of St.Andrews and Usain Salt putting in marathon shifts between Sprotbrough and Warmsworth. Luke father west, where the force is strong and you might even find the elusive Snowbee One Kenobi on the case when the weather strikes back.

Us Brits are known around the world for our pithy sense of humour, and our plucky gritters, out in all hours during the foulest of weather, are no exception.

GRITITtm tips its hat of to our colleagues up and down the country - long may this splendid tradition continue!

Update: This naming tradition continues and here are the best gritter names from 2020/21


Funniest Scottish Gritter Names 2018


Gangsta Granny Gritter


Grittie McVittie

Gritty Gonzales

Gritty Gritty Bang Bang

Ice Destroyer

Ice Queen

Luke Snowwalker

Mr Plow

Mrs McGritter

Plougher O'Scotland

Ready Spready Go


Sir Salter Scott



The Snow Buster

The Winter Explorer


Funniest Yorkshire Gritter Names 2018

Basil Salty

David Plowie

Ease Sliding of Yorkshire

Er Ner Sner

Freezy Rider

Gritney Houston

Gritney Spears

Gritty Gritty Bang Bang

Gritty McGritface

Itsy Bitsy Teeney Weeny Yellow Anti-Slip Machinery

Kyle Spreadmund

Maureen Gritman

Nicole Saltsinger

Roger Spreaderer

Spreaddie Flintoff

Spreaddie Mercury


Thaw Enforcement

True Grit

Walter the Salter

William Wilberfrost


Funniest Essex Gritter Names 2018

Essex also has a history of giving its snow trucks names with the help of local schoolchildren. Its armies of gritters include: 

Alexander the Grit

Big G

Grit Monster

Gritney Spears


Ice Buster

Ice Exterminator




Meanwhile, Up in Aberdeen...

Clearly the council up in Aberdeen didn't get the memo.

The fabulous Scottish gritter map shows that there's still work to be done, with pure poetry like the wittily named 'SN13BTU' that just rolls off the tongue and 'WR64RXG' that can only have the youngsters of the nation rofling on the floor in fits of giggles:



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