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August 11, 2020

Just as Hawk Eye Hotspot technology revolutionised cricket refereeing, our near 100% ( 99.95%) service  delivery record is achieved through innovative technologies.

Best of all, this disruptive award-winning technology is a tool that’s right there in your hands - for you to use as well.

Successful Winter Gritting involves a phenomenally tight delivery window, usually six hours or less, to deliver thousands of jobs nationally across the UK all to individual specification up against the elements and in the middle of the worst weather that winter throws at us...... Our tech makes it all happen.


More than Winter Gritting - Hitting it for Six with Award-Winning Tech from GRITIT


In our industry, our technology is a game changer and we’ve won numerous business and service awards.


Winter Gritting Award Winning

Our Winter Gritting Technology Stack includes:

  • Intelligent scheduling & issuing detailed job sheets to our teams
  • Service-orientate client service notifications
  • Geolocation of operatives, apparatus and generating reports

Other parts of the stack also include intelligent route optimisation & fleet management systems, real time team tracking and communication systems with hyper-localised road temperature forecasting systems.


How’s That for An Opener!

Our technology solution gives you immediate benefits

  • By sending pictures of problems onsite to you, we act as your eyes and ears, helping you come up with solutions before your client is even aware

  • Performance monitoring against your SLAs and KPI requirements with jobs tracked from start to finish, including health and safety compliance and productivity tracking

  • Automatic inbuilt reporting, and the ability to contact our help-desk or operators directly, 24/7

More than Award Winning Winter Gritting  


Our expansion into other complimentary services and acquisition of specialist companies means we can offer more in-house solutions from the same great team for ease and convenience. 


You might be surprised.. 

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Where Next ?


Our business is designed around your needs and our focus has been the delivery of the best possible service.

Striving to excel pushes the company’s development to new heights, and groundbreaking research and development is always underway. Some of our latest innovations include:

  • Digital Sensors – placed on any surface for weather tracking 24/7

  • Digital Signage – visual safety warnings for pedestrian or vehicle traffic with temperature sensors

  • Drone technology - development of a salt-carrying automated gritting drone

  • Materials research – confidential NDA studies into alternatives for environmentally impactful materials such as gritting salt & glyphosate

With leading-edge technologies and innovation, GRITIT’s technology tools make your job easier, lead to higher levels of customer satisfaction and let you knock it out the park every time.


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