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Posted by Johan J. Ingles-Le Nobel on 25/07/16 11:26

Pothole Season

It recent times along with the regular four seasons we have some how managed to acquire a fifth, sitting directly between winter and spring comes the dreaded pothole season

Years of under investment in the UK road network has led to an on-going battle come spring to get our roads, car parks and foot ways back to even the minimum standards required.

Therefore due to the limited amount of budget available logically speaking it seems perfectly sensible to save up all your resource for when you expect to have the greatest volume of serious issues. However it's this very approach that is contributing to the problem.

So when is the best time to get out there and carry out repairs?



As soon as possible...

In short the most cost effect and low risk method is to carry out a pro-active program of maintenance and move away from the current reactive model which frankly isn't working. 

So what do we mean by a pro-active plan?

This type of programme involves regular inspection and immediate repair of any defects. Once you get to grips with the fact that all defects will require repair at some stage you come to realise that the only decision that is in your hands is when.  How much you will end up paying will largely depend on when you decide to intervene and make good the defect.

This approach is very similar to the method insurance providers have adopted with chipped windscreens, and why they have started to offer the repair of chips for free. Catch a chip in it's infancy and it will be a fraction of the cost compared to what will develop over time and lead to the replacement of the entire screen. As a consequence the life of the windscreen is significantly extended. 


What should you do?

They are a number of varying methods that can be chosen ranging from the quick temporary fix right through to the use of specialist contractors carrying out a conventional or Infrared heat fused repair.

What's important is that you seal the surface as quickly as possible and prevent further damage.  

And remember doing nothing will only cost you in the long run. 





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