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Another successful Facilities Show for RENOO Infrared Pothole Repair

Posted by Johan J. Ingles-Le Nobel on 27/06/16 09:19




Well what a fantastic three days we had at London's Excel last week, meeting customers both old and new. It's been a great opportunity for us to explain how the RENOO Infrared pothole repair process works and the benefits of using a truly national provider for all your repair issues. 

Thanks to all those who popped along to see us on the stand and took the time to listen to how RENOO can revolutionise the way your potholes are dealt with. I look forward to working with you all in the coming months.




For those of you that didn't get a chance to visit the stand I have placed a brief explanation of the process below:

Conventional repairs have generally been disruptive, labour intensive and are largely prone to failure due the very nature of how the repairs are carried out.

The Infrared process is different; the area containing the defective tarmac is heated using our bespoke infrared equipment. As opposed to using direct heat which would burn the surface, infrared simply emits a wave that heats to the required depth evenly.

The temperature of the defect and surrounding area is raised allowing it to be re-worked and combined with new material. Once compacted the area is thermally bonded to the surrounding surface (i.e. no cold joints) resulting in a fused, seamless repair.

The process produces a permanent environmentally friendly repair, leaving no waste whilst consuming very little energy. All repairs can be returned to use within approximately 15 minutes of the works having been undertaken.


                                                            The Renoo Process 


What Next?
As a national provider we can help with all you pothole issues regardless of location and can work around your existing on-site operations. No need for any costly site closures, we work around you. 

By having a well planned and executed pothole maintenance program you will actually spend less in the long run.

Get in touch today and find out how using RENOO can save you money.


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