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Pothole Damage Claim

Posted by Fix My Pothole on 25/05/16 20:45

Pothole Damage Claim - As a motorist in the UK, it is very likely that at some point you are going to hit a pothole and that you will suffer damage to your vehicle. 


According to a recent study by the AA (Automobile Association), in 2012 a third of all drivers suffered pothole damage to their vehicles with a cost of repairs to tax payers in the region of £700 million every year.


Whilst pothole claims are generally on the increase, there are a few things you need to consider before chasing down the legal route and seeking compensation from your local authority.

Here are our five tips when considering making a claim for pothole damage.


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Potholes Explained?

Posted by Fix My Pothole on 17/05/16 18:37

The first in a series of pothole related how-to videos from Renoo.co.uk. Potholes and their causes explained.

Steve Webb from Renoo.co.uk dispelling the myth about how potholes are formed. 

In this series we are also covering:

  • Causes of potholes
  • How to identify early stage potholes
  • How to prevent potholes forming
  • Further methods for potholes repair
  • How to save money when it comes to potholes
  • How to create a long lasting pothole repair. 


Watch the video here..... 



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