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Winter Gritters Look Set To Mobilise As The First Widespread Frost Of The Season Strikes Britain This Saturday

November 05, 2019

This Saturday, Britons will wake up to widespread frost across the nation as the first of this season's chilly mornings announces itself with car windows to scrape and slippery roads and footpaths. Coming only a week after the rainy, windy and generally stormy conditions caused the cancellation of many a village bonfire and firework display, slowly but surely Jack Frost and company are settling into the wintry weather patterns expected for the rest of the season.

first frost

Winter is a risky time for business

October 2019 turned out to be a relatively mild month, and as a nation, we typically experience less snowfall and chills than some other European regions. This can make us complacent about the impact of winter weather. In fact, harsh winter conditions have a significant impact on British business. Winter weather brings many real business risks:

  • Site accidents
  • Injuries to staff or visitors
  • Liability claims
  • Closure or limited access to premises
  • Reduced productivity
  • Loss of revenue

GRITIT winter gritting to the rescue

This is where the GRITIT winter gritting service comes to the rescue. GRITIT teams are trained to treat all types of car parks, roads and pathways; we use our own vehicles, equipment and specially trained teams to deliver service, operating to a standardised trigger point of 0 degrees Celsius Road Surface Temperature combined with a red hazard warning. We adjust the trigger temperature as required to meet your site-specific requirements and your location code - latitude and longitude for your site is logged using calibrated equipment and cross referenced against the location codes used by our raw forecast data provider, MetDesk.

car under snow

GRITIT's amazing weather accuracy, powered by Metdesk

metdeskOur weather provider MetDesk has unrivalled knowledge of how atmospheric processes and radiation balance affect road surface temperature (RST) and conditions.  MetDesk has created a purpose-built weather forecasting system for GRITIT which is compatible with our service management platform, NIMBUS, to provide an automated process to activate a service visit, based on the agreed RST trigger. This automated process works through the import of thousands of cells of weather data and cross references with your site's unique requirements.

The process produces our daily service requirement, not only with 100% accuracy but also in a matter of minutes. The decision to provide service to a given location is based on the daily 12:00 RST (road-surface temperature) forecast, when the activation temperatures are met by forecast conditions. Service activation data is automatically distributed to our local winter operatives directly onto their smartphones, to the regional management teams and our operations Team. NIMBUS uses a route optimisation algorithm to schedule site visits intelligently, minimising travel time and ensuring all sites are visited within the tight window available overnight. 

GRITIT gritting services - it's never to late 

The GRITIT winter gritting service make your winter nice and simple - everything taken care of by the biggest and most professional winter gritting company in the country. We're the country's largest winter gritting service, with more than 500 teams spread around the country to make sure that we'll always be there on your doorstep when the bad weather hits. Gritting with us means that your car parks, roads, footpaths and doorways are always slip-free and accessible, and our free indemnity means you're always covered should a claim be made against you because of a fall in icy weather.

  • Gritting – automatically scheduled to take place between 1800-0600 hours, from a forecast road surface temperature of 0.0C and below, combined with a red hazard level to minimise gritting on low risk evenings.
  • Pedestrian snow clearance – automatically undertaken when 2cm+ of snow is present at the time of the gritting visit. Applies to key pedestrian walkways, to and from car parks, fire exits, etc.
  • Mechanical snow clearance – automatically scheduled when 5cm+ snow is forecast to fall between 12:00 (noon) & 06:00 the following morning. Snow clearance is scheduled to commence toward the end of a snow event.

Contact us today for more information

The extremes of recent years have demonstrated the unpredictability of winter weather in the UK. If you're responsible for a portfolio of buildings, facilities, business or retail parks, this can make it challenging to budget for the costs of winter services. At GRITIT, we offer a breadth of commercial arrangements with the flexibility to meet the needs of your business. Pay for gritting and/or snow clearance only when needed with a cost per visit (CPV) arrangement that ensures you only pay when the weather conditions trigger a visit. For more cost predictability, fixed price deals for the winter are ideal and ensure peace of mind that no matter how harsh the winter, you will only pay the agreed price.

More Information 

This covers all visits for winter gritting and/or snow clearance when the agreed weather condition trigger is reached. For clients seeking a hybrid model that combines elements of both arrangements we can create a tailored commercial plan. We can also work with you to customise the triggers for visits according to the exact temperature or snow conditions that meet your requirements – and advise on best practice for doing so while keeping your sites safe.





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