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GRITIT Grounds Maintenance Division Helps Bring Royal Tree Back To Former Glory

September 20, 2019

Together with the GRITIT Grounds Maintenance division, Together housing resident Bob Snashall, 75, held a grand re-hanging” for the commemorative sign for a Royal Tree this week. The tree was planted by Princess Mary in 1930 to commemorate the opening of Thorne Grammar School. The grammar school still has the original exterior, but inside, it has been made into flats. Bob has lived in Thorne for 22 years and volunteers as a resident inspector and sits on the Together Housing resident scrutiny panel. When ivy was threatening to kill the trees in the local area Bob worked with the local Grounds Maintenance team GRITIT to clear the ivy naturally and save the trees. Whilst at work the team uncovered the 90 year old sign. Bob restored the sign and the cage around the Royal Tree.

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Asphalt Car Park Repair

August 07, 2019

Summer is an excellent opportunity to repair cracked asphalt surfaces and mend potholes in car parks, but what's the best way to repair these?

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New Millions for Potholes – What Help for Private Carparks and Roads?

October 31, 2018

The latest budget announcement of a further £420m for potholes will be music to Local Councils, drivers, cyclists and pedestrians as we dodge the plague of potholes that cause problems after a very cold winter and a hot summer. 

But how should the same plight be dealt with for private service roads owned and managed by organisations when there is no generous benefactor?

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Become an Expert by Watching These 3 GRITIT Videos

August 07, 2018

Sometimes the best way to learn something is to watch a video of it being done.

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3 Savvy Ways to Spend Leftover Winter Budget

July 22, 2018

Why not take advantage of the current spell of dry weather to make some improvements to the external areas of the sites you look after?

Here's a few ideas from GRITIT, the winter services, grounds maintenance and pothole specialists:

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