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Why Gritting is Like an Iceberg

October 01, 2018

It pays for companies to look beneath the surface of their gritting service to the underlying layers of how things work. What are the determinants of a professional service that can be relied on to keep critical operations of businesses and organisations running and free from potential liabilities?

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So How Does Grit Actually Melt Ice?

September 21, 2018

Grit has a variety of substances and materials in it:  salt, gravel and stones. The difference between grit and pure marine salt is that the gravel, and stones contained within the grit remain once the ice is gone: this is on purpose as it does helps with traction. So how does gritting roads actually work?

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Other Uses For De-Icing Salt

September 11, 2018

There's a name for the type of salt that us Brits tend to throw on the pavement when the going gets slippy - de-icing salt - and it is easily found in local stores and garages during the winter months.

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Brown vs. White De-Icing Salts Compared

September 10, 2018

De-icing salt comes principally in two varieties: brown salt used for paths and pavements and white salt used in areas where presentation matters a little more.

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3 Winter Gritting Myths Busted

September 06, 2018

Sorting the facts from the myths about Winter Gritting will keep your business running and legally compliant and your staff and visitors safer at work, at home and behind the driving wheel.

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