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August 08, 2019

In extreme weather cases where the amount of snowfall is too much for a site to cope with, GRITIT snow cleaning operatives can clean snow away.


Ordering Snow Cleaning

Snow cleaning, more commonly known as snow removal, is a straightforward process for the GRITIT winter operatives and not entirely different to our standard winter process.

To start the ball rolling, GRITIT will map out your facility using remote mapping and agree areas to be covered on a map of your site that is presented back to you.

GRITIT will performs a second survey, an onsite survey by experienced winter operatives looking for specific winter hazards.

This expert walkaround allows us to identify additional features on your site that need to be taken into account when cleaning away the snow, for example:

  • Areas where snow may cause pile due to the prevailing winds
  • Footpaths, cycle areas, entrances, exits and stairs
  • Water runoffs from the building or on your property that may become hazardous ice in winter conditions.

Having identified possible hazards and areas where extra care and attention needs to be applied GRITIT presents its findings back to you for signoff.

The snow cleaning process

The GRITIT winter management plan on your behalf involves monitoring the weather, and whenever snow is likely to drop and reach a certain depth, we'll automatically be there with our snow apparatus cleaning up the snow.

We can then optionally also perform de-icing on the area afterwards to ensure that the area is clear of both snow and ice, satisfying your winter compliance obligations.

GRITIT snow cleaning capabilities

GRITIT, being the UK's largest winter services company, has snow removal and cleaning services which stretch from small single sites such as schools or retail parks, to nationwide property management chains and railway companies.

With regional gritting and snow clearance fleets and directors in Scotland, the North, the Midlands, London and the Southwest, no site is too large or too small, too difficult to reach or ever further away than an hour from one of our operative teams.

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