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Snow And Ice Forecast Across Much Of The UK

February 26, 2020

With snow and ice forecast across much of the UK, GRITIT is ready for some busy nights and days ahead, keeping facilities open for business and safe for visitors alike. Whilst the nation has experienced a mild and unusually wet winter to date, February can bring severe challenges.

Snow and ice are forecast

According to out weather algorithms, the period from now until at least the middle of next week has snow showers on their way over the Atlantic, some of which will veer away in the coming days.

However, it is very likely that many parts of the UK will receive some snowfall tonight or tomorrow, as the image below shows:

snow ice forecast across uk

February in the UK is usually one of the heavier months for snowfall, with historical records showing that snow has fallen between 5-10 days across Scotland during that month, between 6-4 days in England, 3 days in Wales and 5 days in Northern Ireland.

This is geographical pattern is consistent with the data for the nation in terms of overall snowfall: In Scotland, snow or sleet falls on 38.1 days on average per year, whereas Cornwall is the least likely to get snow, with an average of only 7.4 days of snow or sleet falling.

Watch out for that February

In the words of the US novelist Gladys Hasty Carroll, 'February is the uncertain month, neither black nor white but all shades between by turns. Nothing is sure', and February can indeed experience extremely heavy snowfall.

February 2009's snowfall came from prolonged snow period that began on 1 February 2009, and various areas of the UK experienced their largest snowfall levels in 18 years. More than 12 inches of snow fell on parts of the North Downs and over 8 inches fell in parts of the London area.

2018 was even more dramatic. On 22 February 2018, almost exactly two years ago, the British Isles was affected by the "Beast from the East", which brought unusually low temperatures and very heavy snowfall to many areas of the nation.

The "Beast from the East" was caused by a large Arctic airmass with an anticyclonic structure, stretching from Siberia to the British Isles, covering much of Asia and almost all of Europe.

This anticyclone, centred on Scandinavia, was the dominant high pressure area in the weather system and represented its European part, bringing the cold air down over the British Isles.

The result of transporting freezing air from Siberia was bitterly cold easterly winds coming down into Europe and the British Isles, resulting in snowfall and sub-zero temperatures.

Unbeatable capability to overcome snow

GRITIT has a unique capability to overcome your business' snow and ice challenges.As a Winter services specialist, we have:
  • 15+ years’ experience delivering market-leading snow and ice clearance services.
  • We operate a fleet of 500+ vehicles and our own specialist gritting and snow clearance equipment.
  • 500+ winter operators at peak
  • Eight strategic regional offices and yards in Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Leeds, York, Lutterworth, Bristol, Redhill and Leatherhead, managing over 120+ salt depots across the regions and more than 500 operator teams throughout the nation.
  • The most experienced management team in the Industry.

Local to you

Our local delivery gives GRITIT a unique ability to deliver a seamless, single standard of service to you, irrespective of location.

We manage our gritting and snow clearance services from our regional HQs, with local teams on standby should prolonged and challenging snowfall arrive.

Our local teams are on standby for you 24/7 delivering winter maintenance services across the UK, ensuring you have your facility will be safe, open and operational, irrespective of the weather.

In 2018/19, during the season of the "Beast from the East", we delivered more than 200,000 individual service visits to properties and sites across Great Britain and Northern Ireland. 

Unique winter indemnity

Our snow service backs our words up with a unique indemnity guarantee.

In other words, we're so convinced of our winter gritting capability, that should someone have a fall, slip or trip whilst we're looking after your site's safety in the winter, we'll be able to prove that you're not liable and that your duty of care has been taken care of.

GRITIT's outstanding service levels

GRITIT was the first company in the UK to specialise exclusively in winter gritting & snow clearance. We have a successful track record of providing market leading winter solutions to keep some of the UK’s leading companies and highest profile sites open, safe and operational during the winter months.

GRITIT has been awarded the BIFM (British Institute of Facilities Management, now IWFM) service provider of the year for service record and client satisfaction levels and “creating an expectation of excellence”.

Amazing customer satisfaction

The secret to our model is simple: Truly understand our customer, their business requirements and tailor a service to match.

Each and every client account is managed operationally and administratively by a dedicated accounts team. Our customer satisfaction rates are 99+%, every year!


More Information 

If the weather deteriorates, you may find that your business and operations grind to a halt if you're not prepared for inclement weather.

By using our services, you can cover yourself with a fixed budget for the entire season, or arrange a pay per visit service by speaking to one of the experts at GRITIT.

We'll cover any claims against you and we'll always be there to grit your facility and clear away the snow.


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