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October 02, 2019

GRITIT's 99.99% reliability record over the 250,000 winter gritting jobs we manage per year is the extraordinary customer satisfaction statistic that no other winter gritting group can match and why GRITIT is the winter gritting company of choice for the largest national and regional property and facility groups requiring a vendor that absolutely always delivers.

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What this means for you

What we hear time and time again - besides the fact that we always deliver - is that by outsourcing your winter services to GRITIT, managers, departments and companies gain back the extraordinary amount of time that managing and delivering reliable winter gritting across an entire group takes up.

In a typical facility company of say 50 sites, to manage winter services effectively you're looking at managing 50 different facility managers each of which can have manpower and equipment issues, none of which want to turn up at 3 am to make sure that the site is safe for the morning and very few of whom are aware of the extent to which winter health and safety oversights are very much personally liable with the responsible executive in the crosshairs of the health and safety executive.

GRITIT credentials

1. Experience you can't beat

GRITIT's history speaks for itself: rapid growth, BIFM Service Provider Of The Year and Times top 200 (twice) and now, additional investment. The important point to note though, as all that this growth came about because of one fact above all - we're phenomenally reliable, and we always deliver for the customer, snow, ice, blizzards or even beasts from the east. That's why we're the trusted choice for large winter FM contracts which have health and safety compliance and absolute reliability as their top priorities.


2. We're always there for you

When you choose a winter gritting, you don't want someone who takes hours to get to you and for whom you're just a bit of extra money on the side during winter. You want someone who can reach you immediately, even during the grimmest of conditions, and for whom you're the top priority. You can see the enormous scale of our national network above - they're our unique LANTRA certified operator teams. That's us. We grit, it's what we do, it's what we're good at and it's what we're known for. Gritting is in our DNA.

3.We have the gear

The growth that we've had over the last two decades is reflected in our infrastructure, with a national gritting fleet specialised for car parks, side roads and footpaths, and the exclusive UK contract for BOSS winter apparatus, designed for tough North American winters. Obviously the fleet is large, but more importantly, we can always guarantee spare parts and additional equipment for new contracts that come along and require a belts and braces approach to all aspects of their winter safety compliance.

4. We've got the accreditation

As we like to say, your accreditation requirements are our standards. OHSAS 18001:2007, 14001:2015 and 9001:2015, LANTRA, BALI, CHAS, Achilles, Safe Contractor and Contractor Plus, we're the class leaders when it comes to industry acceditation.


5. We've got the salt

What's a gritting company without its own stockpile of salt, and a year in reserve just to make sure that we'll never run out at anytime, anywhere. And not any old salt - white marine salt, which satisfies your green credentials as its sustainable and requires less volume for an effective spread, and not only that, it doesn't leave a messy brown residue on your stairs, carpets and in your car.

6. We've got your back

We document, report and record absolutely everything, from risk assessments to the geofence of our operatives when they're on site, so should the worst every happen and a claim is made against you, we've got your back.

Our aim is to minimise risk and maintain your reputation. GRITIT will not only complete your winter risk assessment for you but also offer full liability protection based on your risk assessment. We effectively take responsibility for your legal duty of care with regards to the health and safety of employees and other visitors in respect of the risks of ice related accidents during the winter months. Claims made against any of our clients for any alleged failure in service, will be managed by our insurers. In the event of an accident, GRITIT will manage the process and co-defend claims on your behalf by successfully demonstrating that best practice and your duty of care has been met. The GRITIT service is underwritten and endorsed by QBE, a global insurance group.

Contact us for more information

The extremes of recent years have demonstrated the unpredictability of winter weather in the UK. If you're responsible for a portfolio of buildings, facilities, business or retail parks, this can make it challenging to budget for the costs of winter services. At GRITIT, we offer a breadth of commercial arrangements with the flexibility to meet the needs of your business. Pay for gritting and/or snow clearance only when needed with a cost per visit (CPV) arrangement that ensures you only pay when the weather conditions trigger a visit. For more cost predictability, fixed price deals for the winter are ideal and ensure peace of mind that no matter how harsh the winter, you will only pay the agreed price.

More Information 

This covers all visits for winter gritting and/or snow clearance when the agreed weather condition trigger is reached. For clients seeking a hybrid model that combines elements of both arrangements we can create a tailored commercial plan. We can also work with you to customise the triggers for visits according to the exact temperature or snow conditions that meet your requirements – and advise on best practice for doing so while keeping your sites safe. GRITIT also gives very attractive commercial terms for clients who take all year packages combining winter services, summer grounds work and car park tarmac maintenance. Please speak to your GRITIT Account Director for more details









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