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"Delivering Safer Winters" - As Published On FM Industry

October 10, 2019

GRITIT Managing Director, Jason Petsch considers the role of mobile technology in safeguarding facility managers and operators of business premises against litigious claims for falls and injuries.

When accidents happen, the blame game is never far behind. In an increasingly litigious society, when accidents occur on business premises they are often followed by legal consequences resulting from breaches in health and safety law. In such situations, evidence is everything and organisations found to be ill-prepared or lacking adequate records can struggle to mount an effective defence. However, as mobile technology permeates ever further into today’s workplaces - and into the world of facilities management - this could well be changing.

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How GRITIT Smoothly Executes Your Daily Grit, from Start To Finish

October 09, 2019

There's a lot that goes into the daily grit, from start to finish - here's a look at the processes, science and tech that drives your winter gritting.

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Never Feel Left Out In The Cold With GRITIT's 24/7 Winter Gritting Help Desk And Service Updates

October 08, 2019

As a valued customer, access to our 24/7 help desk and the service updates are some of the extra attention to details that GRITIT offers that you won't find with smaller outfits, allowing speedy resolution of your immediate needs and keeping you fully informed of site visits as and when they happen.

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Put Your Winter Gritting On Steroids!

October 02, 2019

GRITIT's 99.99% reliability record over the 250,000 winter gritting jobs we manage per year is the extraordinary customer satisfaction statistic that no other winter gritting group can match and why GRITIT is the winter gritting company of choice for the largest national and regional property and facility groups requiring a vendor that absolutely always delivers.

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Reliability, Technology & Scalability -  The Secret Sauce That Sets A  GRITIT™ Winter Apart

September 27, 2019

GRITIT™ is the largest and first company in the UK to specialise exclusively in winter gritting and snow clearance. This generates more than 80% of our turnover and thanks to this focus we have built an enviable reputation for providing market leading winter solutions. Today we work with some of the UK’s leading companies, helping them to keep their sites, safe, compliant and fully operational during the winter months.

Our fixed cost services include proactive temperature-activated winter gritting, car park, footpath and facility snow clearance, both manual and mechanical, with a 24/7 operations centre backed up by full liability protection. We also provide grounds maintenance, pothole repairs and environmental services during the rest of the year.

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