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How MetDesk Issues GRITIT's Winter Forecasts With Pinpoint Accuracy

December 03, 2019

With over 100 years of operational winter maintenance forecasting experience and an unrivaled knowledge of the how atmospheric processes and the radiation balance affect surface temperatures and surface conditions, GRITIT's weather forecasters MetDesk have moved road surface forecasting on to a new level of accuracy and the fruits of this are visible in the pinpoint accuracy that the unique 9km road forecasting provides.

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Baby It's Cold Outside - GRITIT™ Warns Of Winter Weather Coming

November 27, 2019

As November comes to a close, polar winds are set to push down through the UK from the north and cause widespread overnight freezes, which will make the following mornings hazardous and icy. GRITIT's weather forecasters Metdesk concur with widespread weather predictions that a change is on the way towards the end of the week, when northerly winds will bring drier, chillier and icier temperatures across the nation.

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Riders on the Storm – How GRITIT™ Accurately Forecasts Winter Weather

November 22, 2019

Industry-leading performance isn’t just down to highly skilled operators, class-leading LANTRA training and the latest vehicles and equipment. In our weather-focused industry, the quality and accuracy of weather forecasts is absolutely crucial to delivering exceptional performance. We achieve this via our partnership with forecaster MetDesk. GRITIT delivers over 250,000 jobs per year, utilising over 500 gritting and snow clearance vehicles to ensure over 5,500 sites under our management are free from ice and snow. Last season we achieved a customer satisfaction score of 99% from over 250,000 service visits.

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Winter Weather Prediction, And Why The Polar Vortex Matters

November 15, 2019

Accurate weather forecasting is a key start to our service, and whereas the Highways Agency operates to an 85% successful prediction rate, our weather forecaster MetDesk boasts an impressive 98%. Whilst other winter services suppliers maybe satisfied with air temperature predictions for winter forecasting, GRITIT uses bespoke Metdesk local quadrant road temperature analysis developed for use in logistics and transportation.

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Winter Gritting With The Magic Of NIMBUS - In Time, On Time, Every Time

November 07, 2019

NIMBUS, the GRITIT winter gritting IT system, uses the latest integrated tracking and telematics software in conjunction with an algorithmic decision-making platform to ensure our teams are in time, on time - and every time. NIMBUS was designed in-house to control, automate and guarantee all aspects of our business and service delivery and interfaces with third party applications, such as financial and meteorological software.

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