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Never Feel Left Out In The Cold With GRITIT's 24/7 Winter Gritting Help Desk And Service Updates

October 08, 2019

As a valued customer, access to our 24/7 help desk and the service updates are some of the extra attention to details that GRITIT offers that you won't find with smaller outfits, allowing speedy resolution of your immediate needs and keeping you fully informed of site visits as and when they happen.

gritit help desk

Why clients love our help desk

Bottom line, it all comes down to customer service, and last year's remarkable statistic that GRITIT achieved 99.99% success across the 250,000+ jobs we performed last winter speaks for itself. Achieving such an industry breaking record takes a lot of dedication, perseverance and above all, great coordination between the customer and the client... and this is why we love our 24/7 help desk. 

Our help desk is there for customer satisfaction, and is actively responsive, consistently assisting users, and going the extra mile with sorting your service for you. The help desk always immediately resolves issues, but they are also responsible for keeping track of all customer comments, their type and recurrence level and escalate summaries of feedback to the management team. Thus, the help desk acts as the main source of supplying direct service feedback to us, which by acting on such reports, can update and improve our service for you.

Lastly, your feedback make us better. By analysing your feedback, the help desk manages and directs issues to their desired resolution centres. This provides clarity and also reduces the time required for solution of your issue. This clear escalation process increases our efficiency for you and result in higher productivity on your behalf.

gritit support portal

The GRITIT help desk

All customers have full access to our help desk function and can contact our team directly via our client web portalby email and by direct telephone number. Our 24/7 help desk employs 13 experienced customer service agents to provide a 24/7 service throughout the year, and a minimum of 3 staff work on the help desk at any one time during the winter season. 

The help desk facility provides customers with a central point of access to our services – and through here you can schedule a visit, confirm details about an existing order, or enquire about any aspect of our service and expect a confirmed response within the SLAs agreed with you. All logged orders are provided a job ticket which can be followed from receipt through to completion. Email updates are provided per job ticket – at point of order, prior to delivery, and following completion. 

Keeping you fully informed

GRITIT keeps you fully informed of your site visits, captured by our operators onsite using their smartphones and via audits undertaken by our assistant regional managers, checking 10% of properties personally each month. Everything is time-stamped and assists you to compile your KPIs – and can be exported to you in a format agreed, such as XML or via spreadsheets. 

The information that we provide includes, but is not limited to: 

  • Job reference no. 
  • Site name 
  • Job type (gritting/snow clearance) 
  • Warning rating 
  • Minimum road surface temperature (RST) degrees 
  • Minimum air temperature  degrees 
  • Grounds conditions 
  • Total rainfall 
  • Snowfall mm (12 noon -12pm, 12pm-7am) 
  • Vehicle registration undertaking visit 
  • Time start job 
  • Time finish job 
  • Issue reported 
  • Status  (scheduled/completed) 
  • Client feedback star rating (1-5) 

Contact us for more information

The extremes of recent years have demonstrated the unpredictability of winter weather in the UK. If you're responsible for a portfolio of buildings, facilities, business or retail parks, this can make it challenging to budget for the costs of winter services. At GRITIT, we offer a breadth of commercial arrangements with the flexibility to meet the needs of your business. Pay for gritting and/or snow clearance only when needed with a cost per visit (CPV) arrangement that ensures you only pay when the weather conditions trigger a visit. For more cost predictability, fixed price deals for the winter are ideal and ensure peace of mind that no matter how harsh the winter, you will only pay the agreed price.

More Information 

This covers all visits for winter gritting and/or snow clearance when the agreed weather condition trigger is reached. For clients seeking a hybrid model that combines elements of both arrangements we can create a tailored commercial plan. We can also work with you to customise the triggers for visits according to the exact temperature or snow conditions that meet your requirements – and advise on best practice for doing so while keeping your sites safe. GRITIT also gives very attractive commercial terms for clients who take all year packages combining winter services, summer grounds work and car park tarmac maintenance. Please speak to your GRITIT Account Director for more details


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