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GRITIT Zeroes In On Carbon Zero Grounds Maintenance

March 11, 2020

As a company, GRITIT takes its social responsibility obligations seriously, and reducing our carbon footprint is not only a company priority, but a global imperative that every individual should consider in their own day to day lives.

What's the trouble with carbon?

In a nutshell, human carbon footprint activity impacts on greenhouse gas emissions; called as such because they are gasses that keep heat in the earth's atmosphere. Common consumer and industrial activities such as the use of electricity and driving a vehicle contribute to those gases, which together accelerate climate change.

zero carbon grounds maintenanceClimate change and global warming can cause catastrophic weather events, flooding, water shortages and disturbed ecosystems. With greenhouse gas emissions on the rise since industrialisation, science has demonstrated that human industrial activity needs to be carbon cleaner for us to have a sustainable future.

A tipping point in this climate debate is a threshold that, when exceeded, can lead to large changes in the state of the system, for example the effect of climate change on the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets, possibly causing tens of meters of sea level rise. However, the modelling of these events is unproven, which has led to clashing schools of thought: climate activists set against climate deniers.

Carbon zero, carbon offset, carbon neutrality and carbon negative

Carbon offset is one option: a start, better than nothing, but not a positive internal change, rather a way of buying the way out of the problem. In essence, carbon offset is a reduction in greenhouse gases in one entity, made in order to compensate for emissions made elsewhere by a different entity. In simplistic terms, by sponsoring carbon reduction activities elsewhere, a company can offset its own carbon heavy activities. Carbon offset can therefore lead to carbon neutrality, it is a start, but there is some way to go.

Carbon neutrality is the current challenge: adding no carbon at all from any company activities. Rolls Royce, Maersk, Levi's, IKEA and Unilever are the corporate trailblazers on this front and many governments, states, cities have embraced goals for achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.

Carbon negative is the holy grail, companies whose overall activities can be demonstrated to removing more carbon than they emit each year. The biggest corporate name to be associated with ambitious carbon negative goals is Microsoft, which has not only committed to be carbon negative by 2030, but declaring that by 2050, it will also remove all of the carbon it has emitted since the company was founded in 1975.

GRITIT takes a stand

At GRITIT, we believe in science, and we believe that we need to take our carbon responsibilities seriously. With the warmer season upon us, our immediate focus is on grounds maintenance, and what the various carbon-related options look like. Currently, there is one primary factor in grounds maintenance: fuel.

Fuel can be broken down into two main components: vehicles and machinery. The drive towards global carbon neutrality has spurred on innovation in the electric vehicle sector, and we believe from our research that electric vehicles are now a viable option in grounds maintenance service delivery. Our trials continue to give us new insights and options, and this is a fast-moving field in which transport innovation delivers new fleet possibilities on a monthly basis.

Fuel is also used in machinery for larger grounds maintenance tasks such as mowing large areas of grass, but again innovation comes to the rescue. GRITIT is delighted to be conducting trials with Husqvarna with its remarkable robotic mower drone, and as a company we have contact with other innovators in the robotic mower space for larger requirements.

In terms of the standard grounds maintenance apparatus such as strimmers, mowers, hedge trimmers and chainsaws, the first versions of these were tested back in in 2017, and progress since that date means that viable electric apparatus now exists on the marketplace. Professional grade mowers are a weak spot, but electric 4x4s with flail mower attachments are available.

Zero carbon grounds maintenance options with GRITIT

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GRITIT has the ability to deliver zero carbon grounds maintenance for your projects, and we would welcome the opportunity to discuss the options further with you directly. Contact GRITIT for more information if your corporate goal includes zero carbon suppliers, and we'll work together to ensure that this happens with no cost or productivity implications.

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