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GRITIT Operatives On The Ball For Some Proper Winter Weather

January 29, 2020

With the British Isles lulled into a false sense of security during a hitherto mild winter, GRITIT preparation behind the scenes is reaping rich rewards for 24/7 safety first businesses that must remain open, regardless of the snow, frost, rain or wind, and with a colder February and March in the offing, you can expect to see more of our crews out and about in freezing conditions at unsociable hours whilst the rest of the nation is very sensibly asleep in a toasty warm bed.

Spotlight on distribution

The GRITIT specialist winter gritting and snow clearance services are crucial to a variety of sectors, not the least of which is logistics and distribution. As a society, we rely on a centralised system; including meticulous planning, distribution and delivery of resources. In distribution and logistics, 24/7 operation is vital, as the weight of an entire organisation’s supply chain falls on the transporters of the world to ensure that the product is in the right place at the right time, in the correct quantity.

Distribution and logistics for the largest companies in the business is both an art and a science, juggling resources and finding the right subcontractor that can guarantee that operations are always able to be on the move, from Land's End to John O'Groats, and that the facility is always safe for every worker doing their job. Witness the operations in Edinburgh only this week for a well known international distributor and logistician:

keeping amazon openamazon distribution snow clearance

winter safety for amazon employeesamazon always open in winter


Expect more proper winter weather

Looking ahead to the end of January and the start of February, whilst the Daily Express is issuing its usual Armageddon-like apocalyptic forecasts, clearly the weather has turned towards a more usual set of winter temperatures and some of the medium range predictions by our road temperature weather forecasters do show distinctly seasonal frosts and snowfall, especially towards the middle and end of next week.

february frost 2020

There are also snow patterns around that time, and whilst the North Sea currently seems to bear the brunt of the snowfall, it won't take much of a shift in the wind pattern to make this fall over the British Isles instead of over the sea:

february snow 2020

Much of this comes from the ever changing Jet Stream, which takes a distinctly northerly turn towards the middle of the week:

jet stream 2020

Perhaps the negative North Atlantic Oscillation spotted earlier in the year is now starting to come into play, which made for headlines at the time and is fully explained here.

Staying prepared

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Nobody obviously actually knows for certain if more of the winter is set to be frosty or snowy. Slips, trips and falls in car parks and on footpaths are common in the wintry months, and should the weather deteriorate even further, you may find that business and operations grind to a halt if you're not prepared for inclement weather. As a business, school, facility or factory, you can cover yourself with a fixed budget for the entire season by speaking to one of the experts at GRITIT. We'll cover any claims against you and we'll always be there to grit your facility and clear away the snow.


























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