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3 Signs You Need To Order A Sturdy GRITIT Grit Box Today

August 16, 2019

A GRITIT grit box is the secret sauce to ensure that your site is always prepared for the unexpected, all winter long.


What's a grit box?

Quite simply, a grit box is a large salt container on your site, from which you can take salt during the winter to use in emergencies for winter gritting those frozen paths.

Council grit boxes are common phenomena in rural villages, because council gritters simply cannot always get to remote villages due to the roads, especially hilly villages with narrow steep roads.

Sign #1 - your winter gritters have let you down

Whoever you use for your winter gritting, be it a local farmer or a grounds company with a winter services arm, should always appear on time and on schedule, as needed, full stop, no excuses.

The GRITIT service record last year was an industry-leading 99.99%, but we know that's not always the case, and if you've been let down in the past, then having a salt-filled grit bin tucked out the back means you can always go and do your own spreading should the need arise.

As they say, "fail to prepare and prepare to fail".

Ordering your own grit box on your site is simply a sensible preparation... just in case.

More Information Of course, if you'd prefer the certainty of a winter gritting provider with a 99.99% service record, then by all means contact us for our winter gritting services, but at the least order yourself a grit bin in the autumn before the bad weather hits.

Sign #2 - you've been hit by unexpected winter weather

Winter is usually remarkably predictable if you use a premium weather service such as metdesk technology, but not everybody out there uses the best in the business.

Whoever does your winter gritting, they should have access to business grade road surface temperature and condition warnings, to make sure that you're never caught out and left in the lurch.

If you've been caught out before, and indeed, if your winter gritters don't even tell you when and if they appear (!), a grit box filled with salt maybe just the thing you need onsite when the unexpected happens.

Sign #3 - your grit box was empty when you needed it most


You wake up to freezing temperatures, 4 inches of snow and ice over the top of your house and car, knowing all the time that the same probably applies to the property you manage.

As you get to work, there's a sudden winter power cut - your phone lines and internet are down and your winter gritters don't turn up... but now you can't even contact them either.

As a last resort you check your grit box... and it's EMPTY!

This is a scene that many property managers have found themselves in, shooting blanks when it mattered the most.

So, why settle for a sad empty grit box when, in true Marks & Spencer style, instead you can have a premium, British, durably molded, proudly emblazoned sturdy blue grit box that's always automatically kept filled from GRITIT?

The point is, we'll always make sure that you'll have salt in your grit box.

... and not just any salt: premium non-stain white marine salt that's sustainably sourced!








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