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3 Amazing Alternatives To Gritting Salt That Property Managers In A Hurry Love

August 15, 2019

Gritting salt on its own works phenomenally well, but if you're in a hurry there are some amazing alternatives that can speed up your emergency de-icing.

Winter specialists in the industry use many alternatives to salt, and GRITIT prides itself on having access to the best materials in the business.

Supamix ultra

safecoteSupamix ultra is a phenomenally ultra-high performance premium de-icer and anti-icer, based on a patent pending "secret sauce" potassium acetate composite created by Safecote here in the U.K.

This remarkable liquid de-icer is effective down to -60°C, and has perhaps the ultimate de-icing/anti icing performance available on the market, far beyond the effectiveness of brown and white gritting salt on their own.

With an application rate which is a fraction of conventional brine's rate, it also has the low corrosion benefits of other potassium acetate de-icers, and a lower environmental impact than conventional potassium acetates.

Supamix ultra more or less eats snow and ice on impact, with a remarkably fast acting speed, far beyond anything  else on the market.

Both the corrosion impact and the environmental impact of de-icers are areas that there is an increasing interest in, with North America leading the way in mandating the use of materials that satisfy the strictest of environmental legislation.

Supamix clear

Supamix clear is an nice and fast acting de-icer - a step down from the premium performer Supamix ultra - but nevertheless it still melts ice and snow up to 5 times faster than de-icing salt on its own.

This liquid is 50% less corrosive than salt, and has an effective working temperature of minus 20°C, suitable for the vast majority of U.K. property manager requirements.

Supamix clear liquid is non-toxic to animals and humans, and is a fabulous compromise between price and effectiveness for U.K. property managers with emergency de-icing situations.

Eco ice-melt

Eco ice-melt is a premium biodegradable environmentally conscious de-icer, containing marine salt as well as premium Safecote liquid and corrosion inhibitors.

eco ice melt

Eco ice-melt is 60% less corrosive than traditional brown or marine salt on its own, and also has a longer lifespan, working up to 7 days after application.

One of the key differences between Eco ice-melt and simple gritting salts is that Eco ice-melt uses up to 50% less material to cover the same area, and therefore it has significantly less residue that goes into the environment.

GRITIT winter services

More Information GRITIT uses a variety of materials in its winter services, and our experts are always ready to advise you on the most appropriate materials and means to ensure that your winter services perform as required.

Please contact us if you have a requirement for any winter services with absolute guarantees that we'll get the job done for you, regardless of place, weather or assets to be covered.



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